Retirement with your partner is an exciting new chapter. You have more time to do the things you love with the person you love as well as to pursue those personal passions you may have put aside while you built a career and/or raised a family. While retirement brings new opportunities, it also comes with […]

Today’s technology provides endless opportunities for anyone to continue their educational journey, whether it be learning a new language, brushing up on history or developing a new skill. Online learning platforms allow everyone, including older adults, to take on new challenges and expand their brains. As you age, it’s important to stay healthy physically and […]

With the warmer weather here, it’s time to start making arrangements for some fun plans this summer. And with so much to choose from in and around Northern Kentucky, it can be hard to narrow the list down to just a few ideas. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the most sought-after summertime activities to […]

If you are nearing retirement and beginning to plan, or already in retirement but evaluating your current situation, congratulations to you for being a planner. Just by deciding to plan, you’re already taking a valuable first step to living a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement. After all, these are supposed to be the best years of […]

When it comes to retirement, freedom is everything. For many, that freedom is the reason why we retire in the first place: an opportunity to spend more time with the people we love, in the places we love, doing the things we love. Unfortunately, though, for many “snowbirds”, visiting those places and leaving behind their […]

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